Falling Tree Productions is owned and operated by Mary Caroline Cox.  Based out of Yellowknife and a small off-grid cabin on the Liard River, Cox is creating authentic film content from Canada’s North.

In the summer of 2013 Cox combined her professional skill set with her passion for music and the arts to form the company Falling Tree Productions.

Cox’s film credits include 3 short films, Frozen Poem, The Space and Astray.  Cox has also worked as an Associate Producer on Ice Lake Rebels. Most recently Falling Tree Productions shot a three-episode pilot season  for a documentary show called Wild Kitchen, which is currently airing on NorthwesTel Community TV.

After years of hands-on learning, Cox is currently attending a 6 month work placement at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Video Production.

After years of playing music in the North and frequently traveling south to perform, Cox realized that there is a real need for management services for artists in the NWT.  The rest of Canada wants to hear Northern music and see Northern film, and Cox is committed to making that happen through grant writing and artist management services.

Email: info@fallingtree.ca

Phone: 867 444-0690

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