Wild Kitchen

Follow our host, Tiffany Ayalik, as she discovers cunning ways of survival, celebrates rich cultural practices and unearths forgotten recipes inspired by the rugged necessity of the land. Each week Tiffany draws on her deeply rooted wilderness upbringing to explore a new location, be it wilderness, rural or urban, where land based living is part of every-day life.


Cottonwood Corner

Tiffany joins fishing guide Pike Mike on the Liard River for a shore lunch, spring green pizza and a morel mushroom hunt!


Lesson in Pemmican

Tiffany joins Lawrence and Liz Nayally and their 2 young boys at their fall fishing camp on the Kakisa River. They build a teepee, hunt for grouse and cook a fish in a ground oven.


Bannock and more in Yellowknife

Host, Tiffany Ayalik, and her sister Kayley meet up with Inuit Elder, Gerri Sharpe to talk about traditional Inuit food, land-based medicine and the history of Inuit tattoos.


Birch and Beyond

Andrea and Mike show us their off-grid birch syrup operation, where they live each spring with the whole family.


Fishing for a Community

Shawn Buckley takes us out on his commercial fishing boat in one of Canada's biggest bodies of water, Great Slave Lake.


Farming and Foraging

The Northern Farm Training Institute in Hay River is drawing on natural systems and local Indigenous knowledge to foster more local organic agriculture in the North.


Hunting in the Delta

Kylik Kisoun takes us on a duck hunting adventure with a very unexpected outcome! And we enjoy our harvest with the owners of the wild harvest food truck, Alestine's.

"This show has been an eye opener, its so easy now, I've never actually been good at learning meals to cook when out on the land , but now I got a few tricks for dinner 🙂 "

~ Mary


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