Moose and Morel Risotto

Morels can be harvested in the spring.

Rabbit Roast

A delicious Delta dish!

Birch Cream Toffee

A new flavour for a sweet treat!

Fireweed Jelly Recipe

Fireweed is an incredible edible plant!

Wild Cranberry Sauce

This sauce pairs so well with locally hunted game such as arctic hare, duck or moose.

Birch Bannock

A great new twist on an old favourite!

Maple Glazed Whitefish

It’s hard to go wrong with cooking that involves maple syrup!

Boreal Ketchup

It’s just delicious!

Pan Fried Jack

Fresh, Simple and Delicious!

Spruce Tip Jelly – A Northern Delicacy

Jelly that tastes like a forest and all things wonderful and wild? Yes please.

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