Birch Syrup from the Sub-Arctic

Birch syrup is a savory mineral tasting syrup made from the sap of birch trees, and produced in much the same way as maple syrup. It is seldom used for pancake or waffle syrup, more often it is used as an ingredient paired with pork or salmon dishes in sauces, glazes, and dressings, and as a flavoring in ice cream, beer, wine, and soft drinks.

Traditional Raspberry Pemmican

Pemmican is a concentrated mixture of fat and protein used as a nutritious food. It is part of Canadian cuisine. The word comes from the Cree word pimîhkân, which itself is derived from the word pimî, “fat, grease”. It was invented by the native peoples of North America.
Pemmican was widely adopted as a high-energy food by Europeans involved in the fur trade and later by Arctic and Antarctic explorers, such as Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, Fridtjof Nansen, Robert Falcon Scott, and Roald Amundsen.

Juniper Infused Northern Pike

The eye has a bit of shell around it, this is my favorite part 🙂

Traditional Bannock of the Western Arctic

The ingredients are mixed and kneaded. Then the dough is formed into small cakes and fried in seal oil.

Wild Rose Hip Bar-B-Que Sauce

I’ve been making variations of Bar-B-Que Sauce for years. This is my first attempt at writing a recipe, so please let me know how it works out!

Wild Spring Green Pizza with Rose Petal Garnish

Spring Wild Greens are reknown for their cleansing & detox properties & include: Dandelions, wild garlic, wild onions, watercress & fiddleheads, nettles.

Fried Morels -Morel a la Baguette

Fried morels, where have you been all my life? Seriously. I have eaten wild mushrooms for decades, but only recently have I experenced the glory of the fried morel. I am not looking back.

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