Learn How to Survive in the Wild

These instructional videos will give you the skills you need to forage, harvest, hunt and cook in the bush or wherever you practice land based living.

With Shawn Buckley

Ever wondered how to fillet a fish on your own? Well, Shawn Buckley, a third-generation fisher, has you covered. Check out this step by step tutorial and let us know what you think!

With Lawrence Nayally

This ancient method of cooking is fun to try when you are spending time on the land. In this recipe Tiffany and Lawrence make juniper-infused Pike at his fall fishing camp on the Kakisa River. Yum!

With Tiffany Ayalik

This is a fun and useful tutorial brought to you by wilderness guide and actor, Tiffany Ayalik.

With Tiffany Ayalik

Host of Wild Kitchen, Tiffany Ayalik, teaches you how to start a fire with no matches and using only flint and a knife.

With Kylik Kisoun

Join wilderness guide, Kylik Kisoun and his young daughter as he shows Wild Kitchen host, Tiffany Ayalik, how to skin a rabbit. And afterwards you can check out the Wild Kitchen recipe for Rabbit Roast. www.facebook.com/wildkitchencanada

"This show has been an eye opener, its so easy now, I've never actually been good at learning meals to cook when out on the land , but now I got a few tricks for dinner 🙂 "

~ Mary


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